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Hi Simon

Thanks for the prompt delivery of the hollowing jig and 6mm pro carbide tool.

 I just felt I have to let you know what a superb bit of kit it is, I have had a fun day, I pre-prepared a hollow form exterior yesterday in anticipation of arrival of the jig today. It arrived around 11.00am, it took just a few minutes to alter the length of the stud to suit the thickness of my Jet 3520B lathe bed, I tightened it down 20” from the face of the workpiece. My first test cut was deliberately a silly one I mounted the standard Roly Munro 5/8 shaft and cutter in the jig and of course the head was far too big to enter the pre-drilled hole I had put in the form, but to my utter surprise it cut like it was cutting butter, there was no twist to fight against or hanging on to the handle tucked under my armpit, I had to stop otherwise I would have had no wood left to try out some of my other tools, with the planned opening to be 40mm I swapped to the Roly Munro mini on a 5/8 shaft with the shield set back as far as it would go. The ¼” wide shavings just flew out by just holding the shaft between finger and thumb. Next I mounted a tear drop scrapper blade on the ¾ bent neck shaft of the Stewart system and shear scraped the top section of the hollow form, there was no chattering or unexpected little bites of the cutter. The bit in the middle of the bottom of hollow forms always taxes me so I used my usual tool for this which is a ¾ boat propeller shaft made from Monel with the end drilled to take a 3/8 high speed steel cutter. I knocked off the 28” long wood handle that I had fitted and put the shaft in the hollowing jig, after a bit of jiggling to get it on dead centre it soon removed the awkward bit in the bottom. Then I switched over to the 6mm Pro carbide tool, well, “EASY” just does not seem a big enough word to accurately describe the jig. I need a little more practice to get used to manoeuvring the jig arms, I got the short knuckle joint jammed a couple of times between the upright post and the handle portion, but practice will soon put that right.

Having gone through all my blades and cutters they all cut with total controllable ease, from ¼” roughing cuts to hair like wisps from a shear scrapper, no unexpected little bites of the cutter, no torn grain and no back ache. Not to be beaten I looked over at my little Axminster AW1416VS lathe and thought no way, I removed the tailstock took the jig off the big Jet and perched it right on the end of the bed, fitted the clamp and set the centre height. In my scrap box was a part finished open neck vase from Eucalyptus which had a shake all the way up the side, I wrapped it up in masking tape, as the wall was already less than 3mm and with the split in it, mounted it in the chuck, low and behold it ran true. Using the 6mm pro carbide tool in the jig I took a cut from the centre bottom up to the rim. The distance from the face of the vase to the post was only 12”, but the jig arms just wrapped themselves round the post and the cut was perfect, I was amazed.

Sorry I could not find fault with it, but I really tried.

I hope you have great success with selling the jig, if you ever need a reference for it I will be pleased help.

 Many thanks Regards Mike

Hi Simon

I have fitted the jig together and tried it out on a small box.  I am very pleased with the smooth operation of the jig it makes hollowing so much easier to get a good cut.  I was surprised at the degree of control, taking fine controlled cuts is now a doddle. This is a nice solid piece of equipment and I am glad I have bought it.  I will now have to rig up a laser pointer to aid with wall thickness.

Once again thanks for the excellent service.

Regards John

Hi Simon
Order received and in use. I set it up at the club on Wednesday evening without having tried it at home first. What a terrific piece of kit. Used a very dry split piece of Cedar 14 inches length and started in front of about a dozen members. Within two minutes it had started cutting and it was sooooooo  easy. No stress in my arms and shoulders, a big plus for me suffering as I do with damaged neck and lower spinal discs. No heavy hand on the tool. In one word SUPERB. You have a definite winner with this one. After five minutes all of the club members watching started to have a turn with it. If the members that used it were any indication of turners who have problems with hollowing vases, then this tool showed them just how easy it can be. I can't wait to use some of my other hollowing tools on the system as I have 3 Monkey Puzzle vases to complete. All large and deep.
I could not persuade our club chairman and treasurer to buy one for the club but who knows, maybe in time. I think I will buy the angled cutter tip when I see you at Harrogate.
I have already started to make a small reducing bush in order to use the Hunter tool system that I have but the Roly Munro tools fit without any modification. This is one tool that I don't think anyone would be able to find a fault with. Thank you for developing it, I hope that it will be really successful for you.
Kind regards

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