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Oneway 2MT live centre Full kit inc small and large cone.

Two good quality bearings mounted in tandem and greased for life will give an excellent play-free performance and minimum vibration when turning.

ONEWAY Live Centers are designed specifically for the woodturner. They have a threaded, rotating, cup center, which is the only component that rotates. This feature contributes to a safer working environment.

Our Live Centers include the necessary accessories to suit most applications

The unique, threaded cup center provides the following advantages to the woodturner:

  • First, the full point and reversible bull nose cones can be easily attached and removed.
  • Second, if turning outside the capacity of the provided cone, user-specific support can be made by drilling a hole in a blank, attaching it to the live center and turning it to suit your requirements.


Center Point 

  • One center point. Points are easily replaced when damaged.

Bull Nose Cone 

  • A reversible bull nose cone is provided for support on the outside or the inside of turnings. 

Full Point Cone 

  • A full point cone is included which is especially suitable for candle-stick-type artistry.

Knock Out Rod

  • One knock out rod is also included which is used to remove center points and as a spindle stop to accomplish attaching and removing cones.

Live Center Adaptor's - What are they? How are they useful?

ONEWAY has developed a quick and easy way to precisely center a bowl in order to hollow it out. This is achieved using a Live Center Adaptor.

How do I precisely center a bowl?

These adaptors are threaded to screw onto your ONEWAY Live Center, effectively changing the ¾ - 10 thread (of the Live Center) to the same thread as your spindle. With one of these adaptors, a very precise centering method can be used:

  • Attach a bowl blank to a faceplate.
  • Turn the outside of the bowl, including a foot (or tennon) to chuck it on.
  • Using the Live Center adaptor, attach a chuck or faceplate to the Live Center.
  • Move the tailstock (with the Live Center/chuck assembly attached) up to the bowl, and grab the foot or tennon on the bowl while it is still attached to the faceplate and lathe.
  • Remove the faceplate, bowl blank, and chuck from the lathe.
  • Remove the faceplate from the bowl blank.

You can now screw the chuck onto the headstock, and your bowl will be very precisely centered and ready to be hollowed out or cored.

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Customer evaluation for "Live center full kit"
25 Feb 2022

Great centre kit - frustrating etching!

Really great kit - very smooth running and cup centre so much of an improvement over point centre for most work. Only minor niggle, surely they know it will be used in the tailstock so why etch the oneway logo so it will be right-way-up when mounted at head stock end!!

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