König Hard Wax Oil

König Hard Wax Oil
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Hardwax oil provides hard-wearing protection for the wood surface and is particularly good for everyday objects such as worktops, bowls, tabletops, decoration or even floors. Hardwax oil gives the wood a natural shine without discolouring it. Ideal for those who want to create a high gloss and protection without the need to additionally oil or wax the piece. The König Holz Harz Hard Wax Oil, manufactured in Germany, is also UV-resistant. The hard wax oil is ideal for woodturners, carpenters and joiners or also floor layers, whether in the hobby or professional sector.

After application, the oil is absorbed deep into the wood pores and solidifies them as it hardens. The wax forms a hard, elastic dirt- and water-repellent layer on the wood surface. The advantage of the hard wax oil is that the surface is insensitive to light scratches and forms a crack-resistant surface that does not flake off. The wood remains open to diffusion and retains its natural properties.

If the surface has been prepared accordingly, a glossy finish can be achieved with the hard wax oil through the frictional heat on the lathe.

Advantages of hard wax oil are that it is easy to apply and work with. If the surface is affected by use, worn or damaged areas can simply be repaired or renewed with a new coat of hard wax oil. To do this, clean the surface and apply a new coat. The hard wax oil is economical and free of harmful substances. 

As the wood is not completely sealed, the Hard Wax Oil is not suitable for plates or bowls that are intended for food. There is a possibility that wax will be absorbed by food and that leaking liquids will leave stains on the wood. It is also not intended for outdoor use. 

Ingredients Hard Wax Oil+

Oil mixture of tung oil and linseed oil, beeswax, carnauba resin, balsamic resin.

The most important properties at a glance

  • UV - stable
  • No additives
  • Very durable
  • Made in Germany 

Application examples for König Holz und Harz Hard Wax Oil

  • Turned objects in daily use
  • Bowls, plates, decorative objects
  • Tables, worktops 

Application Hard Wax Oil

Shake the container well before use.

Condition of the wood

  • The wood should be dry for processing, i.e. have a moisture content of 10-15 %.
  • Hardwoods are ideally suited, but softwoods are also possible.
  • The surface should be untreated, but it is possible to prepare it with König Holz Resin Sanding Paste.
  • The surface should be sanded to 400 grit.
  • Sanding dust should be removed before application.

Application on the lathe

When your workpiece is properly prepared, apply some hard wax oil with a lint-free cloth at room temperature and with the machine stopped. The oil is rich, so use a little less to be on the safe side. After 5 minutes, you can remove the excess with a cloth. After 24 hours, you can repeat the process if necessary. 24 hours after the first application, the Hard Wax Oil can be polished up.

Applying Hardwax Oil by hand to tables, worktops or the like

Prepare the wood as described in the section "Wood texture". Then clean the wood of sanding dust using a hoover or brush. Then apply the oil with a spatula. After approx. 5 minutes, you can remove the excess. After 24 hours, you can repeat the step and/or polish up the oil with a light soft cloth under light pressure.

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