Midi Pro Woodturning Lathe

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The first professional small-sized swivel-head lathe with grown-up capabilities!

M33 x 3.5 spindle

1HP motor with 3 x pulley range.

65KG cast iron construction

Swivel head.

14" swing over the bed

420mm in between center. (650mm with bed ex)

1" tool post for max strength

24 Index.

2MT head and tailstock.

100mm bearing distance for strength and stability.

Tailstock stroke 100mm.

It can be bolted to a benchtop.

Bex ex will fit on the side or end to increase the spindle length and is an optional extra to the lathe.

For the English manual please click here: MIDI-PRO_BDA_2020-V1-0_ENG-2

Delivery charge £45

Engine: 0,75 kW / 1 HP
Centre height: 178 mm
Between Centres: 420 mm
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Customer evaluation for "Midi Pro Woodturning Lathe"
6 Dec 2023

A great small lathe. Quiet smooth running, plenty of torque responsive, 100 mm on the quill, I'm pleased i got tge bed extention bed and the quick release plates too.

I've just bought this midi pro after spending to Gary lowe, Emma cook, Darren breeze and Simon hope. They were all very helpful in making my choice. I contacted Simon on many occasions asking many questions and he came back with answered immediately. It's a very quiet lathe and holds it's touque when turning. Very pleased with it so far.

23 May 2023

Amazing Pro Level Lathe!

After recently wanting to upgrade my wood lathe, I got in touch with the team here at Hope Woodturning and after discussing my needs the KS MIDI Pro ticked all the boxes and more! The service I received was 5 star throughout and after receiving and using the lathe itself, all I can say is it really is AMAZING! Feature rich and a solidly made product, which I know will last for many years to come. Thank you :)

25 Feb 2023

A marvellous piece of kit

I am returning to woodturning after many years of absence having previously owned a professional and very large lathe and associated boys toys. I have used many smaller lathes over the years and like to think I have a good knowledge of the design features needed in a good lathe, the Midi Pro ticks all the boxes. I visited the Hope Woodturning showroom to what was on offer and left with four opinions of Hope Woodturning - Innovation, Quality, Value and Outstanding Customer Service.
It is very obvious that the Midi-Pro has been designed by a professional woodturner it is really a wolf in sheep's clothing. My previous lathe had a 3 h.p. motor compared to the 1 h.p. in the Midi Pro - however, with three belt pulleys it has more than ample torque. The inverter is pre-programmed with safety features, the lathe runs very smoothly and is surprisingly silent in operation. The casting is solid, very stable and has a quality finish both on the bed surface and in the paint finish! I bought a bed extention and quick change plate system giving me 680mm capacity between centres and, with the combination of moveable and swivelling headstock, side fitted bed extention I have very comfortable working conditions when working e.g. on my favourites, hollow forms. To use Simon's terminology I am "vertically challenged" so I have bench mounted the lathe as the optional KS legs place the spindle height marginally high for me. Even without bolting the lathe down I am surprised just how large and unbalanced pieces are able to be turned true without excessive vibration. This lathe is truly a professional piece of kit - I just wish I had discovered it years ago. I have freed up a lot of workshop space without compromising what I wish to turn. I would suggest that this lathe will cater for the needs of most turners and I am delighted with my purchase! I can also say with confidence that Hope Woodturning stock only the best quality equipment, do their best to ensure your specific requirements are met as opposed to 'upselling' and demonstrate an outstanding level of Customer Service and After Sales support.

13 Jun 2022

Midi Pro Lathe

Having downsized my workshop space, I was desperately in need of a reorganisation and needed to sell off some of the larger equipment and my existing lathe. I was fortunate that having been turning for some time I knew what I liked to turn, mainly hollow forms, bowls, and what may be described as arty pieces. When looking for a new lathe I was after something compact, and 95% of the things I turned I knew would fit on the Midi Pro. Before I pulled the trigger to buy one, I had to see one in the flesh (I’m old fashioned in that way), once I had done this (thanks to Pete Thompson), I was convinced it was the lathe for me.

I bought it with two extension beds and have one on the tailstock end and one on the side permanently fitted. I have had the lathe now approaching 6 months I believe, and this configuration has allowed me to turn a huge variety of pieces, when I get those troublesome pieces of grain I can adjust with minimal fuss and turn in reverse (with a locking chuck of course). The versatility of this lathe is amazing as I can be configured in so many ways, the swivel head only adds to this. It has coped with ease everything I have asked of it; I did have doubts when I mounted a 12Kg out of balance piece of oak, but it never missed a beat, it was a slow turn but made easy with some incredible torque at 200rpm and no wobble.

If you are a new turner looking at this lathe, I would thoroughly recommend it! It will probably be the only lathe you will ever need unless you go BIG at some time in the future. If you don’t take to turning, there’s always a ready market for quality kit, and there is no doubt about it this is quality kit. I know it seems a bit pricey for the size, but it has all the features of a much larger lathe and without a doubt it’s worth every penny in my opinion.

29 Nov 2021

A superb lathe

It's now been 15 months since I bought my Midi Pro and it has been a joy to use.I use it in a very compact space but the sliding and rotating headstock has meant that I can turn big pieces with no problem. I turn mainly hollowforms and this lathe can handle a 12" log, maybe 14" long, with no problem. I originally intended to bolt it down to my steel workbench but there has been no need - it has always remained stable even with out-of-centre pieces. I can't imagine a better lathe for the money and have recommended it to several people who have gone on to buy one and been delighted. I've been trying to think of any negatives or things that could be improved but, honestly, I can't come up with a single one.

23 Oct 2020

KS Midi pro lathe

This is a follow up to my previous comments....I have now had a good chance to use this lathe for a while now and I really, really wish I had known about it a long while ago. I know it has been the most expensive lathe I’ve bought but if I knew then what I know now I would have stumped up the extra and got one! It’s got a really good control over speed and I can get it turning really slow so I can paint on colours and other finishes with great control. Within the same belt setting I can get it to just short of 2000 rpm which is fine for most things. The sliding and rotating head stock and motor is so damn useful for me especially because of the smaller space I have. The add on lathe extension on the side to take the banjo is so useful and I must admit I’m chewing over getting the quick change-over plates as sometimes it catches my gouge handles as I have it in position all of the time. It seems so sturdy and feels like it’s got the “wumff” for anything I’d be involved in! Overall I’m really happy with it and if I win the lottery I definitely would be looking at the Stratos range!!

26 Aug 2020

The only midi sized lathe with full sive lathe features!

I wanted to upgrade my hobby rated midi lathe which lacked the power to turn a bowl it claimed to have the capacity to turn. Looking at full-sized lathes, the features I liked were the swivel headstock and the movable control panel. However, a full-sized lathe would mean something in my shop would have to go. So, sticking with a Midi lathe would be better for me.

I considered a couple of cheaper lathes neither had the movable control panel. One didn’t even have the self-ejecting tailstock you find even on entry-level machines! I have to say the 100mm stroke of the Midi Pro tailstock is great, saves keep shuffling the whole tailstock forward. So, for me, the extra £200 was worth it to get the 'grown-up' features. To my way of thinking it was the only midi sized full-size lathe out there!

I’ve turned a 12” bowl on it and the lathe had more than enough power to deal with it. Even though it is a fairly heavy lathe for its size, the 12” bowl had unbalanced grain so I found bolting it down to a solid bench that’s bolted to the wall was necessary (The Midi Pro weighs 65Kg compared to at least 150Kg of a full-sized lathe). It runs very quiet as you’d expect, has plenty of power, solid build quality, great tailstock and the motor doesn’t lurch into action, it speeds up slowly. All round a pleasure to use.

26 Aug 2020

Midi Pro lathe

Dear Simon, just wanted to say thank you for the extremely efficient service with the delivery of my Midi Pro lathe and bed extension. Super quick and well packed, and delivered well too, on a mini pallet by a chap with a pallet truck.
Lovely lathe and will help me so much as the sliding and angling head stock means I can work without straining my back!! I suppose I should say thanks To Ed Oliver as it was his YouTube demo of the lathe which inspired me!

Best wishes, Nigel Oram

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