König Sanding Sealer

König Sanding Sealer
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König Holz und Harz sanding primer is a sanding sealer that facilitates the sanding of wooden surfaces. It does not close the pores, strengthens the wood fibres and sets them up. This ensures a noticeably better sanding result and a very smooth surface. The sanding primer is the perfect base for waxed or high-gloss surfaces. 

It is recommended to use a sanding primer after the first sanding job.


Alcohol solution with shellac

Why use the Sanding Primer - Sanding Sealer? 

By applying the sanding sealer from König Holz und Harz during the sanding process, you can remove the folded-over wood fibres.

During sanding, some wood fibres are folded over and not completely removed. Even if the surface appears smooth after sanding, the folded down wood fibres would straighten up again as soon as stains, paints or other products were applied. This would result in a rough surface. 

If you apply the sanding primer before and during sanding, the folded fibres will soak up, straighten and harden. As they remain in a fixed position due to the drying process, they can be completely removed in the further sanding process. Curing takes only a few minutes. 

Special features of König Holz Resin Sanding Primer

  • Made in Germany
  • No additives
  • No cellulose
  • No nitro thinner
  • Dries very quickly

What can the Sanding Sealer be used for? 

  • As a base for wax surfaces, carnauba resin, polishing pastes or the friction polish of König Holz and resin. 
  • Sanding sealer is an ideal base for high gloss surfaces.
  • Whenever the surface should be as smooth as possible, for example on hand-finishers
  • For an even smoother surface when sanding
  • If the sanding primer is applied to open-pored end-grain or open-pored areas, the end-grain is prevented from turning darker than the rest of the surface.
  • Stocked woods can also be strengthened with the sanding primer.

Application of König Holz und Harz Sanding Primer

The sanding primer can be used directly and does not need to be shaken before use. It should be stored at room temperature. 

Condition of the wood

  • The wood should be dry for processing. It can also be used on wet wood. The drier the wood the better.
  • The sanding base is equally suitable for hard and soft wood.
  • The surface should be untreated.
  • König Holz und Harz Sanding Paste can be used coarsely before the first application.

Gloves are recommended when working with the König Holz Resin Sanding Primer, as the alcohols can dry out the skin. Sand the workpiece first with the first grit, depending on how good the surface is. Then apply a little sanding primer with a cloth. Wait 2-3 minutes and then sand with the next grit. Repeat as needed until you reach your desired grit. 

The application can take place on the lathe as well as on the workbench.

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